Why everybody loves slow rise squishies?

Why everybody loves slow rise squishies?

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Did you hear? Slow rise squishies are coming from Japan and taking over the world by storm! Everybody wants to touch them, squeeze them, and smell them.


The squishy is a worldwide phenomenon that started online but became omnipresent. YouTube videos that highlight this craze reach millions of views.


Parents who buy this for their kids couldn’t be happier – everybody loves them, and their kids have something new and interesting to show to their friends at school. Not only that, it’s now common to see kids bringing squishies to day outs.


What’s even better, these toys are great for all ages. You can buy a squishy for your toddler, for your 12-year-old, or for your colleague to relieve stress with. These toys are the perfect present for all those people who never stop fidgeting. You must know at least one of them. People who always need something to play with will love having a squishy.


But, how do you play with a squishy? It’s super simple and amazingly calming. All you need to do is squeeze it and watch it slowly regain its original shape, and then repeat the process. These provide immense amounts of fun for literally anyone who grabs them.


Squishies come in dozens of different shapes and sizes. You can find a loaf of bread, a strawberry, a box of French fries, an ice-cream cone, a penguin, and many others. Some of these are so incredibly lifelike that you will think that you’re looking at a real banana, mango, or a loaf of bread.

They are mostly scented with sweet smelling aromas so that when you play with them, all of your senses get to enjoy.

What we find is the best thing about these is the fact that they are suitable for anyone. A squishy will equally easily grab the attention of a 3-year-old, of a 13-year-old, and of a 30-year-old. In fact, public demands were observed regarding the invention of squishies with voice.


We know you shouldn’t play with food, but these slow rising cute and squishy groceries will make you do it! And you’ll enjoy every minute.




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