9 Reasons Couple Bracelets Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

9 Reasons Couple Bracelets Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

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If earrings, rings and chains are rather symbols of prosperity, then the bracelet complements appearance, gives sexuality and sophistication.A bracelet is a kind of addition to the image that needs to be taken very carefully. The selection of jewelry must be thought out to create a complete image. Otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.

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The combination of bracelet style

  • It is rare when only one bracelet is worn from jewelry. Often it is an additional decoration to the earrings, watches or chains, and in this case it is important not to overdo it with jewelry.
  • So, for example, a bracelet made of the same metal should be worn next to the gold chain. It would be extremely absurd to look like a plastic bracelet next to, say, with an expensive watch or with precious earrings worn.
  • Do not combine products from precious metals with jewelry. Wear either one or the other.
  • No need to wear numerous rings and a bracelet on one hand. It looks too pretentious, far from elegant style. It is permissible, if on the arm with the bracelet it is worn for example, one not too bright ring made of the same material as the bracelet.
  • If there is a desire to put on several rings, for this purpose choose a hand, free from a bracelet.
  • The bracelet is mainly worn during the warm season, when clothes with a short or short sleeve are relevant to demonstrate the beauty of the jewelry.
  • Sleeves of clothing should not cover the bracelet, for this reason does not wear jewelry under clothing with long sleeves.
  • Under evening dresses, usually bracelets of gold or platinum are worn, and silver jeweler is permissible. Do not choose only jewelry.
  • But on the job, if the dress code allows, you can completely wear jewelry that matches the color and style of the jewelry.
  • For weekend lovers of a free style, it is possible to wear interesting leather bracelets or from other materials to complement the image.

Each lady on the bracelet

  • When deciding how to choose a bracelet on your hand, you need to take into account the image of a woman, especially her figure.In modern days, a great many various bracelets have been invented, and you need to have a special taste, sense of style and measure in order to choose the appropriate model.
  • If you prefer thin bracelets, it is good to wear them on your hand a few, one will not look.Ladies of a magnificent constitution will suit bracelets wide, freely settling down on a hand or thin bracelets, but in quantity not less than five pieces.
  • To match the material from which the bracelet is made should be an outfit. So, metal bracelets will be well combined with leather clothing or denim.Leather products will complement the image in ethnic style. They will also be good with jeans.
  • Gold bracelets should be worn for a restaurant or theater in combination with evening wear.
  • Silver jewelry will be good for young ladies with any summer clothes.
  • Stylish bracelets made of plastic or jewelry will look spectacular with beach wear or light summer dresses.

How to choose a gold bracelet

The older the woman, the greater her craving for jewelry made of precious metals, including gold. When deciding what gold bracelet to give as gift to your loved one, you need to take into account such moments as:

  • First of all, you need to know the exact size of the bracelet. It is easily recognizable by wrapping a sewing centimeter around the wrist at the place where the bone is located. It is customary to add a couple of centimeters to this size, which depends on personal preferences. So, if you like the free location of the bracelet, add up to three centimeters, if you want the bracelet to fit tightly to the hand, add only a centimeter. For the couple bracelets this is the perfect deal.
  • The type and strength of the castle is important. When buying in a store, open and close the lock several times. One of the most durable locks is made in the form of a ring and a rounded spring that snaps on it.
  • Inspect the weaving in the store for the entire length of the chain, and then it will be difficult to change it.
  • During the fitting try to push your finger under the ornament fastened on the arm, if it barely creeps in, it means that you chose the size exactly.
  • Ask for a product certificate and save the receipt after purchase.

Selection of parts for the bracelet

If you have already chosen the base, then it remains to choose the charms. This is difficult to do, because, for example, the so feel brand offers dozens of collections, each with many elements. Therefore, even if you want to wear only one charm pendant with a base bracelet, then you can choose several options to change the details and their combination, creating a unique and new decoration each time. Select the parts should be based on their preferences. Choose what you like vintage, modern figures, animals, plants, even world sights. The list is very large, so you will definitely find the right option.

Types of charms

Charms are varied. They can be very bright, using colored enamel, or, on the contrary, very restrained.  The charm bracelets are divided into collections like animals, plants, love, family, career, and so on. Almost all areas of people’s lives are affected, so everyone can find what he likes. If you have friends who are into modern technology, technological charm bracelets are also available. There are many choices if ever you decide to give bracelet for Valentine’s day. It is not necessary to choose the figures of some objects, because there are various curlicues, as if the artist drew threads of silver, creating something mystical and complex. Such products will definitely be noticed by your friends.

Silver charms can be additionally decorated with stones, precious stones of various colors. Therefore, among the variety of species you can easily find the necessary elements to create your original jewelry that matches any outfit.